Pathfinder #0016, featuring Caleb Henry

These days, the satellite sector is hard-pressed to go a single week without fresh multibillion-dollar megamerger speculation or new household names (ahem, Apple, T-Mobile) jumping into the fray. 

That’s why we’re thrilled to have locked down Caleb Henry as today’s Pathfinder guest. He joins us this week to help make sense of the industry madness, from consolidation to direct-to-cell connectivity. And the airing of this episode—on Day 2 of WSBW—couldn’t have been more well-timed if we tried. 

Resume in brief: Caleb is one of the sharpest satellite and space analysts out there. He formally holds the title of senior analyst at Quilty Analytics, a space market research, investment banking, and advisory boutique shop. 

We treat the firm’s research reports as the gold standard. And, as it so happens, Caleb has a soft spot for our line of work. He also felt the pressures of daily deadlines and the space news cycle before donning the analyst hat, previously working as a staff reporter at SpaceNews and Via Satellite. 

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From IPAs to IPOs, let’s get into the good stuff 

🗣️ News: For starters, we ask Caleb to unpack what the T-Mobile/SpaceX partnership means, in practice. How does it shake up the competitive landscape? Also, in our first segment, we give a shout out to one of the most passionate sub-Reddits out there (👋 r/ASTSpaceMobile). 

📊 The analyst life: We have Caleb spell out the differences between tracking established mid/large-cap A&D companies, versus the more recently public small-cap ones. 

🛰️ A theory of everything: Caleb provides us with “the three-legged stool” metaphor, to explain what the satellite industry needs to succeed. 

The Stool, Part I
The Stool, Part II

🚀 Launch: Where is the market tapped out? Conversely, where is there more room to grow? What industry development challenged Caleb’s priors about the heavy-lift market? 

🌐 Ukraine: How did Russia’s invasion of Ukraine change the space industry forever? 

There’s plenty of range in this conversation, from the serious topics to the lighter stuff. This is one you won’t want to miss. 

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