Lawmakers Keep the Lights On Until Early 2024

While a shutdown seemed increasingly likely only a week ago, lawmakers have passed another last minute agreement to keep the government open, at least for now. The details: The Senate overwhelmingly approved a stopgap funding bill late Wednesday night, just one day after the House passed the same proposal on Tuesday.  Funding the government under […]


House Space Bill Stalled Until Post-Thanksgiving

Hours after the White House released its plan for regulating novel commercial space activities, the House Science, Space, and Technology Committee considered its own proposal—and to the surprise of no one, the plans look pretty different.


White House Releases Spectrum Strategy

The Biden administration released a National Spectrum Strategy on Monday to ensure that both federal operators and private companies can have adequate access to the finite resource.


Bulgaria to Join Artemis Accords

Bulgaria will become the 32nd nation to join the Artemis Accords during a signing ceremony on Thursday in DC, NASA announced yesterday. NASA chief Bill Nelson, Bulgarian officials, and representatives from the US State Department will participate in the ceremony at NASA HQ.  Accords 101: The US rolled out the Artemis Accords in October 2020 […]


Congress Considers Learning Period Extension Alongside CR

Congress is considering a stopgap funding bill that would also buy it more time to figure out whether to extend the moratorium on establishing regulations for commercial spaceflight.  The Senate’s continuing resolution introduced Tuesday by Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA), who chairs the Senate Appropriations Committee, would keep the government funded through Nov. 17. It would […]


FCC Opens Spectrum For Commercial Launch

The FCC adopted a new rule on Thursday that will ensure commercial launchers have access to the spectrum they need to communicate with the rocket during and after liftoff. The successful vote to approve the rule represents the conclusion of a multi-year push to set aside specific spectrum bands for commercial launch after FCC Chairwoman […]


Exclusive: AIA Argues Critical Infrastructure Designation Would ‘Adversely Affect’ Space Industry

A leading trade group is urging the National Security Council to think twice before classifying the space sector as critical infrastructure.  Eric Fanning, president and CEO of the Aerospace Industries Association representing 320+ companies, sent a letter on Tuesday to NSC head Jake Sullivan arguing that designating space as critical infrastructure could actually hurt the […]