A Government Roadmap to Support CLDs

The government needs to consider regulations for commercial space stations as the private sector prepares to take the reins from the ISS, according to a report from the Beyond Earth Institute. 


SpiderOak Demonstrates Cybersecurity on the ISS

SpiderOak demoed its OrbitSecure cybersecurity platform aboard the ISS last month, the company announced this morning, setting the stage for a future in which data can be securely shared in space by civil and defense customers.  The demo used an AWS Snowcone edge computing platform supplied by Axiom Space, and involved transmitting data back and […]


Voyager and Airbus Team Up To Replace The ISS

Two major space companies are joining forces to make a commercial successor to the ISS a reality.  On Tuesday, Voyager Space and Airbus Defence and Space announced a joint venture to build and operate Starlab, a LEO space station designed by Nanoracks, a department of Voyager Space.  “The International Space Station is widely regarded as […]


For India, US, ‘The Sky is Not the Limit’

From human spaceflight to responsible use of space, the US and India announced a number of space-related agreements during Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s state visit to the White House on Thursday. “We are creating a strong and futuristic partnership,” Modi said at a joint press conference, highlighting the new agreements in space. Ready to launch: […]


Boeing Stands Down from Crewed Starliner Launch

Starliner isn’t yet ready for a crew. Just a few weeks before the Boeing-built capsule was scheduled to deliver its first passengers to the ISS, NASA and Boeing leaders announced that two major issues with the craft will delay the first crewed mission even longer. The announcement follows a review by NASA’s Aerospace Safety Advisory […]


Europe Looks to Support Commercial Cargo to LEO

Europe is seeking its own cargo transport to the ISS. Last week, ESA announced that it is looking to support private companies’ development of cargo transport capabilities to the ISS and, in the future, to other LEO outposts. “By launching this call, we are providing the supporting scheme, whereby private companies receive support from ESA […]


Ax-2 Takes Off

The second-ever commercial astronaut mission to the ISS has embarked on its journey. Mission recap: Right on schedule at 5:37pm ET yesterday, the Axiom Mission 2 (aka Ax-2) crew of four successfully lifted off from KSC in a SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule atop a Falcon 9. The crew included: AlQarni and Barnawi will be the […]


Saudi Arabia Will Make History With Ax-2 Mission

Two Saudi Arabian astronauts are expected to launch to the ISS this Sunday, marking a historic first for the Kingdom and highlighting its aspirations to become a global space power.  Ali AlQarni, a pilot, and Rayyanah Barnawi, a biomedical researcher, will make up half of the four-member crew on Axiom Space’s Ax-2 mission. They will […]


Redwire, Microsoft, and Marvel Team Up on STEM Initiative

An eclectic group is teaming up to save the galaxy bring real-life space technology to students across the country. Ahead of the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 movie release Friday, Redwire ($RDW) announced yesterday that it’s partnering with Microsoft ($MSFT) and Marvel to 3D print a Microsoft Zune music player, like the one Star-Lord […]


Japan and China Select New Astronaut Candidates

Japan’s astronaut corps Across the Pacific, two cadres of spacefaring hopefuls are getting the chance to train for extended stays off Earth. This week, China and Japan both announced plans to train new astronauts to support their respective human spaceflight programs. Two candidates have joined Japan’s astronaut corps. Yesterday, JAXA announced the new recruits—the first […]


Roscosmos to Send Replacement Soyuz Capsule to ISS

A lifeboat for members of the ISS crew is on the way. A Roscosmos investigation of a leak in the Soyuz MS-22 spacecraft found that the ship is unsafe to use for a ride home, and the agency announced this morning that it will send an uncrewed Soyuz to the station to use instead.  What […]