Euroconsult Values the Global EO Market at $4.6B

Euroconsult, a space consulting firm, predicts the global EO market will grow from $4.6B in 2022 to $7.6B over the next ten years, driven by tech advancements, premium product offerings, and public investment.


Euroconsult Releases Ground Segment Report

With the exponential growth of satellites in space showing no signs of slowing down, Euroconsult is considering the growing need for supportive ground infrastructure to back up assets in orbit.  The consulting firm released the fourth edition of its yearly report on the ground segment market yesterday, spanning ground stations, antennas, and user terminals back […]


The Space Economy Reaches $546B, The Space Foundation Says

It’s that time again—the Space Foundation has released its report on the state of the space economy through Q2 2023, and it’s reporting big numbers for the past year. According to the authors, the space economy reached $546B in 2022 despite turbulent global markets, and they’re only predicting more growth in the coming years. The […]


Seraphim Releases Space Index

Seraphim, a leading space VC firm HQ’d in the UK, has released its yearly index on funding and acquisition activity across the space industry. Seraphim’s tracking data shows signs that investment activity is bouncing back from the economic woes and restrained capital markets of last year. Deals, deals, deals: The trailing twelve months (TTM) analysis […]


Mitchell Institute Encourages the Development of Counterspace Capabilities

It’s about time for the US Space Force to start seriously building out its counterspace capabilities, the Mitchell Institute for Aerospace Studies argues in a report released yesterday. The report looks at what threats US assets face in space, particularly from China, and encourages the USSF to start building out its own arsenal of military […]


Deloitte Releases SpaceTech Report

Deloitte released its SpaceTech report this morning, which reviews the most active and quickly-growing segments within the space industry. The report is intended for readers who are leaders in their own industries but remain in the dark about the progress that’s been made in space over the last decade.  “In previous decades, a thoughtfully developed […]


McKinsey Expects a Shortfall in Launch Capacity

The space industry is preparing to send tens of thousands of satellites to orbit in the coming decade, building out large constellations across the spectrum of possible capabilities. They may run into a bottleneck, however, when it comes to booking tickets to space. This morning, McKinsey released its analysis of the demand for launch services […]


RAND Releases Human Spaceflight Regulation Report

A moratorium on regulating human commercial spaceflight—aka space tourism—is set to expire in October, and the folks at the FAA are at a crossroads: to renew or not to renew? In a report published this week by RAND, researchers determined that the commercial human spaceflight industry has progressed far enough that it’s time for the […]


Deloitte Releases Report Predicting Industry Growth

This morning, Deloitte released a forecast on the potential for growth within the space industry. The report, which pairs market data with a survey of space industry leaders, is intended to give execs in other industries the background they need to incorporate space into their businesses. Bottom line upfront: “For space to grow, and fulfill […]