Pathfinder is Payload’s flagship podcast covering the booming business and pressing policy matters of space. We sit down weekly with the top shot-callers in space to keep you informed, entertained, and up-to date on the top news and trends beyond Earth. In this ~1 hour, talk show-style podcast, Pathfinder host Mo Islam interviews astronauts, administrators, founders, CEOs, military minds, policymakers, and more.

Program Logistics, with John Conafay (Integrate)

EPISODE SUMMARY Today’s Pathfinder episode features John Conafay, the CEO and cofounder of Integrate, a program management platform for complex hardware development. EPISODE NOTES There’s a growing demand for streamlined communication and collaboration tools in the space industry. Integrate Space, based in Seattle, is tackling this challenge head-on. Co-founded by John Conafay, a veteran with ties […]

Space Biotech, with Mark Kugel (Yuri)

EPISODE NOTES Space’s unique environment holds vast potential for biotech advancements, Mark Kugel, co-CEO and cofounder of German space biotech company Yuri, told Payload. Why space? In this week’s Pathfinder podcast, Mark says that space changes biological systems in commercially valuable ways: – Complex Cell Development: Enhanced growth results in superior organoids, optimizing drug testing […]

Next Gen Space Infrastructure, with Clay Mowry (Voyager)

EPISODE SUMMARY Today’s Pathfinder episode features Clay Mowry, the CRO of Voyager Space, a developer of commercial space stations. EPISODE NOTES The clock is ticking on Voyager’s aspirations in LEO. In 2021, the Denver-based space exploration company announced its goal to launch a commercial space station by 2028, three years ahead of the ISS retirement. […]