Industry Backs International ASAT Ban

More than two dozen companies from around the world signed onto a statement led by the Secure World Foundation on Tuesday formally applauding countries for agreeing to not conduct debris-causing anti-satellite tests. 


How the 2024 GOP Candidates Approach Space

The Republican presidential candidates duking it out to be the party’s nominee are also vying for the chance to lead the nation when American boots next set foot on the Moon. Five Republican candidates will participate in tomorrow’s presidential debate in Miami. While space is unlikely to be high on a campaign’s list of priorities […]


Rep. Eric Sorensen on Space Travel, Safety and Shuttle Ties

A space leader on Capitol Hill is looking at how to eliminate gaps between the agencies that oversee human spaceflight over concerns about maintaining the highest safety standards. Rep. Eric Sorensen (D-IL), the ranking member of the House space subcommittee, pointed out the multitude of groups that have a hand in regulating spaceflight, from the […]


Americans Lobby Congress on Planetary Science Priorities

Joseph Diggs, a science teacher in Anne Arundel county, MD, was doing a different kind of educating (and in a much grander classroom) on Monday. Diggs was one of 130+ people who traveled to DC for the Planetary Society’s Day of Action, during which people lobby their representatives to support scientific exploration of the cosmos. […]


A Busy Fall on Capitol Hill

As lawmakers settle back into DC following the August recess, Congress is facing a long list of space to-dos—but not a lot of time to tackle them. Members have a little over two weeks to tackle three major priorities with deadlines at the end of September: passing a fiscal 2024 funding bill, deciding whether to […]


One-on-One with Richard DalBello

The process of moving the nation’s space traffic management mission from DoD to the Commerce Department has been slow—but Richard DalBello told Payload that’s very much on purpose. “There was an idea present when we started that somehow this would be simple,” DalBello, head of the Office of Space Commerce, said. “This is tremendously complicated…. […]