Pathfinder #0017, featuring Redwire’s Peter Cannito and Al Tadros

Bonjour, and welcome to another Pathfinder from Paris dispatch. We have a surprise in store for you…a twofer! That’s right, two guests for the price of one and packaged up into one standard-length Payload. Today’s guests:

  1. Redwire CEO + Chairman Peter Cannito, who is also an operating partner at AE Industrial (AEI)
  2. Redwire CTO Al Tadros, who assumed the post in May and was formerly the company’s chief growth officer

Redwire 101: The Jacksonville, FL company is a full-stack space infrastructure company that’s publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange ($RDW). Redwire has its hands on tons of space technology, from star trackers to 3D printers to deployable structures to LEO greenhouses.

Pathfinder #0017 sneak peak

With Peter, we discuss:

  • Redwire’s M&A strategy 
  • International expansion and growth markets 
  • Investing in space, and AEI’s role in the industry 
  • Why not all space SPACs are created equal 
  • Geopolitical forces taking shape in space, and the modern-day space race with China 

Then, we round out the second half of the show with Al and touch on:

  • Redwire’s portfolio of tech capabilities 
  • The role of robotics and autonomous software on-orbit
  • Flying flight-proven hardware across LEO 
  • Where the European space sector is headed 
  • How to communicate the value of space to the general public 
  • Making room for more fresh faces in the industry

Listen now:

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