Arianespace Takes a Victory Lap

Arianespace launch
Via Arianespace

On Thursday, the French rocket firm recapped a robust year of launch. 

At a glance: Revenues grew 30% annually to  €1.25B (~$1.4B), powered by 15 successful launches (+5 YoY). Arianespace’s three different vehicles—Ariane, Soyuz, and Vega—transported 305 satellites to orbit from three different launchpads. 

And what better way to close out 2021 than by launching Webb? Thanks to the precision of JWST’s Ariane 5, the space telescope has more fuel and a longer lease on life. 

Forward guidance: Arianespace has a backlog of 36 launches, with 17 planned for this year. 2022 should also be when we bear witness to the maiden flights of Vega C and Ariane 6, if all goes to plan. The latter’s core and upper stages have set sail for Kourou and will arrive at the EU spaceport in French Guiana later this month.  

Closing thoughts: “We were able to call on our family of launchers to meet our customers’ requirements, efficiently and competitively,” Arianespace CEO Stéphane Israël said. “We are now eagerly looking forward to meeting the challenges of 2022.”

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