Payload Pioneers 2023: Patrick Finley

Patrick Finley is building a bridge to connect academic aspirations with real-world aerospace innovations, making rocketry more accessible and tangible for the next generation.


Payload Pioneers 2023: Makena Fetzer

Makena Fetzer’s journey to the space industry began at her high school’s telescope observatory in Arizona, where she spent her time gazing up at the stars.


Payload Pioneers 2023: Mirko Viviano

Mirko Viviano, the 27-year-old founder and CEO of Louno Space, is trying to make sure the next generation of space explorers represents the diversity of humankind.


Payload Pioneers 2023: Apoorva Nori

Data collected in orbit is only as good as the systems to quickly downlink the information to Earth. That’s where Apoorva Nori comes in as a technical product manager at Microsoft’s Azure Space, working to connect satellite operators to the cloud. 


Payload Pioneers 2023: Jennifer Horowitz

Mapping the Earth from space provides obvious benefits for defense and navigation, but Jennifer Horowitz, Maxar’s senior technical strategic partnerships lead, believes the technology has much broader implications.