Exotrail Unveils US Subsidiaries

Exotrail, a French space mobility company, is stepping out in the US market with two new American  subsidiaries, Exotrail US Inc. and Exotrail US Federal Inc., the company announced today. Exotrail 101 From mission design to launch and deployment to in-orbit operations, Exotrail aims to do it all when it comes to space mobility. The […]


Ariane 5 Launches for the Final Time

Ariane 5 bid farewell today as it launched into the night sky for the very last time.  The hardest goodbyes: After 25 years, 116 launches, and 82 consecutive flights without a full failure, ESA is retiring its workhorse rocket. Its final flight carried France’s Syracuse 4B satellite, which will provide army comms, and Germany’s Heinrich […]


Blue Origin Plans to Build an International Launch Site

Blue Origin is planning to build a launch facility outside the US, the company’s CEO Bob Smith told the Financial Times this week. The search has just begun, and a decision on a location is not imminent. The company is also seeking new partnerships and acquisitions across Europe.  Euro trip: Despite not yet having achieved […]


Euclid to Launch July 1 on a Mission to Study Dark Energy

Euclid, ESA’s dark energy surveyor satellite, is slated to launch July 1 aboard a Falcon 9 rocket, the space agency announced this week.  Ministry of magic: The spacecraft, named after the Greek mathematician Euclid of Alexandria, will map the cosmos in 3D and study how dark energy shapes the universe. Scientists hope the data will […]

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ESA Livestreams from Mars

20 years after launch, ESA’s Mars Express orbiter is still notching new achievements. On Friday, the spacecraft broadcast the first ever livestream from Mars. Previous space missions—including Neil Armstrong’s step seen ’round the world during Apollo, and last year’s DART mission to bump an asteroid off its course—have provided the public with live imagery from […]