Epsilon3 Unveils Three New Products

Image: Epsilon3

Space software company Epsilon3 is rolling out a suite of three additional products to help customers better manage their missions from clean room to orbit, the company’s COO told Payload.

The backstory: The CA-based startup, which was founded in 2021, builds software that aims to make the complex operations and workflows typically associated with space missions a little simpler and more organized. Epsilon3 wanted to expand its offerings, so it surveyed its growing roster of customers about what new products they wanted to see, and the results of that are hitting the market now, said COO Max Mednik. 

What’s new: Epsilon3 has worked with end users to build three new tools that will become available to customers over the next month.

  • A product to track the manufacturing process, including hardware assembly, spare parts, and inventory. 
  • A timeline tool that will allow companies to manage schedules and future deadlines for projects.
  • A way to store large amounts of data and analyze it.

“We kept hearing that people wanted a one stop shop. They didn’t want to have five different tools, they wanted it to all be in one place,” Mednik said. “People would choose a more well-rounded solution because they didn’t want a bunch of parts, [but]…we don’t want people choosing worse software because it does more stuff.”

What’s next: The company is working on other improvements based on other customer priorities as highlighted in their survey, Mednik said.

  • More integration of AI and machine learning for things like spotting anomalies.
  • Flight testing tech for space companies that could also be used by airplane manufacturers.
  • More automated operations for fleets of satellites, while keeping a person in the loop.
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