Exolaunch Signs Launch Services Deal with Capella Space

Image: Exolaunch

Exolaunch will provide integration and launch mission management for Capella Space’s Acadia-5 satellite, which is slated for launch on SpaceX’s Transporter 11 mid-next year. 

The contract, which was announced today, is the first partnership between the two companies as the German-based Exolaunch continues to expand into the US sector.   

“We are thrilled that Capella Space has placed their trust in Exolaunch USA for their growing constellation of commercial SAR satellites supporting NASA, US Space Systems Command, and more,” said Exolaunch director Kier Fortier.

Exolaunch 101: The company provides comprehensive launch services, handling the many hoops a satellite company must jump through before liftoff. The services include aggregating smallsat rideshare on SpaceX’s Transporter missions, testing, handling regulatory requirements, transport to the launch site, and integration. 

  • Exolaunch managed 21 satellites riding on SpaceX’s Transporter-7 mission earlier this year, a significant portion of the overall manifest.
  • In total, the company has integrated and managed 250+ satellites on Falcon 9 missions. 

Exolaunch is also developing a space tug product for last-mile satellite delivery. 

The customer: Capella, a synthetic aperture radar (SAR) satellite business, was in the news recently when it lost an Acadia satellite during the failed September Rocket Lab Electron launch. The next-gen Acadia satellite is designed to improve image resolution, downlinking, and inter-satellite communications.

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