Exotrail Unveils US Subsidiaries

Image: Exotrail

Exotrail, a French space mobility company, is stepping out in the US market with two new American  subsidiaries, Exotrail US Inc. and Exotrail US Federal Inc., the company announced today.

Exotrail 101

From mission design to launch and deployment to in-orbit operations, Exotrail aims to do it all when it comes to space mobility.

The company offers four products:

  • spacestudio, a mission design software-as-a-service
  • spaceware, a group of electric propulsion systems for 5–1,000 kg satellites
  • spacedrop, a launch and deployment service for small satellites
  • spacetower, a software suite for operators to fly fleets of satellites

From its home base in France, the company has been clinching contracts around the world for its mobility tech and services, including with NASA, the Korean space agency, the French government, and a handful of commercial space companies. It recorded “triple-digit” growth revenue last year, and says its commercial growth has remained steady.

Starting up in the US

Exotrail has been working towards opening a US branch since it closed a $58M Series B in February and brought on Tyler Browder to get it started. The new US subsidiary companies will be focused on expanding the companies’ relationships with the civil, defense, and commercial markets in the US.

To get the new branches started, Exotrail officially hired its first two US employees:

  • Tyler Browder will be the CEO. Browder has spent ten years building software products for the space industry, and was most recently CEO and cofounder of space software company Kubos, which was acquired last year.
  • Brian Holt will be director of US government business development and partnerships. Holt hails from a 20-year career in the Space Force and Air Force.

“We already have more than five customers in North America, with commercial partners ranging from traditional prime to new space operators like Astro Digital, Starfish Space, and NASA on the civil space side,” Browder said in a release. “Accelerating our growth in both institutional and commercial markets is instrumental to Exotrail’s future.”

Exotrail is just getting started with its push into the US ecosystem. The company is searching for a good spot to open up a spaceware factory and spacedrop integration facility. It’s also begun the process of integrating its other two cloud-based products into US cloud infrastructure.

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