Iran Launches Bio-Capsule to Space

Image: Iran

Iran said it had successfully launched a bio-capsule to a height of 130 km as it sets a goal of sending humans to space by the end of the decade. 

A bio-what? The 500-kg bio-capsule has the life-support equipment necessary to carry animals on board—although it is unclear whether they put any furry creatures aboard for this mission. 

  • The capsule was launched via a Salman rocket.
  • The mission’s primary objective tested propulsion, recovery, control, and parachute deployments, according to Tasmin News Agency, an outlet with state ties. 

Iran’s animals: The country says it first launched animals to space in a bio-capsule in 2010, and then again in 2013 when it transported and safely returned two monkeys. With the success of this launch, Iranian communications official Issa Zarepour said the space agency will work towards sending an Iranian astronaut to space by 2029.  

The launch comes a couple months after Iran launched the third version of its military EO satellite, Noor-3. Iran has also been exploring avenues to bolster collaboration with Russia on space-tech and satellite know-how. 

North Korea, another US adversary, also recently launched a recon satellite, which is reportedly up and running and gathering data on critical locations in both the US and South Korea. 

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