National Space Council Hosting Space Week Events in April

Image: NASA

The National Space Council is hosting “Find Your Place in Space Week” next month with 90+ events across the country designed to show the significant role space plays in life on Earth.

Events will run April 6-13, and are co-hosted by members of the council, including the Space Force, NASA, Department of Homeland Security, FAA, Department of Energy, and National Science Foundation.

What is it: The series of events will take place in 19 states, plus DC and will include online events. The celebration will also go international, with programming in Sinaloa, Mexico, according to the website.    

“We know that too many people are unaware of the importance of space to their everyday lives, to Earth, or know that their expertise and talents are needed in the industry,” according to an email from Quincy Brown, the space council’s director of space STEM and workforce policy. 

Event examples include air shows, planetarium visits, and viewing parties for the solar eclipse, which will happen on April 8. 

The host: The National Space Council is run by Vice President Kamala Harris. The panel, which includes representatives from several agencies including the State, Commerce, and Transportation Departments, has held three meetings during the Biden administration, in addition to outside events like a celebration of Black Space Week in June.  

The group also unveiled a new regulatory plan for mission authorization last year, which is being considered on Capitol Hill.

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