Pathfinder #0004: American Dynamism with a16z’s Katherine Boyle

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On Pathfinder 0004, we sit down with Katherine Boyle, a general partner at Andreessen Horowitz (or a16z, for short). 

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Resume, in brief

Katherine heads up a16z’s American Dynamism practice, where she invests in companies involved in national security, aerospace and defense (A&D), public safety, housing, education, and industrials. 

  • Katherine recently led a16z’s investment in Hadrian.
  • Before a16z, she worked at General Catalyst, and before investing, worked as a general-assignment reporter at the Washington Post. 

Katherine is a prolific writer and deep thinker on A&D, dual-use technology, and more. As you’ll soon hear, Ryan and Katherine had a wide-ranging conversation on Pathfinder 0004. 

Topics include…

  • Transitioning from journalism to full-time investing 
  • The culture shock of Silicon Valley
  • Defining the American Dynamism thesis
  • Exporting VC, company-building playbooks, and American Dynamism across the country
  • Building in digital and physical worlds
  • Dual-use technology investing
  • The role of storytelling in startups’ and the space sector’s success
  • Selling to the government and working with the DoD
  • a16z’s investment in Hadrian 
  • Family conversations on leaving Earth…
  • Does a16z have a full-time chief meme officer yet? 

…and much more! Thanks to Katherine for coming on Pathfinder, and for being our second video interview. The video upload is still processing, so if you want to watch the conversation, you’ll have to wait just a wee bit longer. 

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