Pathfinder #0006: Navigating Markets with Payload’s Mo Islam

On this week’s episode of the Pathfinder podcast, Ryan sits down with Mo Islam, who is his boss and the cofounder/CEO of Payload. 

A Payload on Payload interview? It’s like the Spiderman pointing at another Spiderman meme. Jokes aside, Ryan invited Mo Islam on to discuss a presentation he prepared for the Payload team at their recent off-site meeting. This week’s episode focuses on an adapted version of the deck and what’s happening within the macroeconomy. 

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What we cover: 

  • Mo’s Wall Street background 
  • Starting Payload 
  • Inflation, a possible recession, and the global food crisis 
  • How it’s all connected to the space industry 
  • Consumer credit, COVID-19, and a “systemic failure in the crypto industry” 
  • Aerospace and defense (A&D) outperformance over other indices
  • Tech valuation compressions 
  • A record year for space investing 
  • The next chapter of the space industry 
  • Is Starship priced in? 
Recession navigation handbook
Image: NASA/Mo Islam

…and much more. From Mo’s experience working on Wall Street to the future of the space industry, it’s an understatement to say that Ryan and Mo cover plenty of ground on this week’s episode. We won’t spoil the rest, tune in wherever you listen to your podcasts.

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