Pathfinder #0015, featuring Kelly Larson

We have a rare Wednesday release of the Pathfinder podcast, but we promise the wait was worth it.

Joining us today is Kelly Larson, who’s the CEO of Aquarian Space. The Boulder, Colorado startup is building “internet for the solar system.” Or, to get a bit more technical, Aquarian is developing a communications network for interplanetary exploration.

In March, Aquarian announced it had raised $650,000 in seed funding to get to work on its solar system internet. Draper Associates led the seed round, which is especially notable because Draper was an early investor in SpaceX.

What we cover in today’s episode

For starters, we get a status report on what Aquarian’s been up to over the last six months. But there’s plenty more on tap, such as:

  • How Kelly landed at Aquarian, with a serial entrepreneur background and non-space resume 
  • NASA’s Deep Space Network (DSN) and new opportunities with today’s technology 
  • Going to market with CLPS rovers and landers
  • What a lunar Wi-Fi network will look like and its first applications
  • The capital required for the initial network buildout
  • Is Kelly worried about aliens free-loading on Aquarian’s Wi-Fi?

…and more! Come for the above topics, stay for ever-so-brief discussions of yoga and astrology (Ryan’s totally unbiased opinion: Aquarians rule).

Where to get Pathfinder #0015

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