Pathfinder #0002: Rob Meyerson on building Blue Origin and the lunar economy

Covert art for Pathfinder, Payload's podcast, presented by SpiderOak Mission Systems

In Pathfinder #0002, we sit down with Rob Meyerson, the founder and CEO of Delalune Space and former president of Blue Origin. While at Blue, Rob reported directly to Jeff Bezos, oversaw the company’s growth from 10 to 1,500 employees, and managed development of New Shepard, among many other programs. 

Pathfinder is presented by SpiderOak Mission Systems, an industry leader in space cybersecurity. Check out their space cybersecurity white paper here.

About the episode

At Delalune, which means “of the moon,” Rob backs and advises a range of leading space startups. In the first portion of this wide-ranging conversation, recorded in early May, Rob and Ryan discuss: 

  • The NS-21 mission, which launched over the weekend
  • Scaling Blue Origin and recruiting for a stealthy, private spaceflight venture
  • Talent density in the commercial space industry
  • Investing in space during market downturns
  • The US aerospace and defense industrial base

We then switch gears to discuss the products and services NASA is looking to buy rather than build or operate itself. Rob also surveys the technologies we’ll need to build, buy, deploy, and launch to ensure an expeditious return to the Moon and sustained presence on the lunar surface.

We touch on building out the lunar economy, then consider all the other puzzle pieces that humanity will need to assemble to not only go back to the Moon, but also set the stage for a lasting multiplanetary future.

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