DNA of Space Companies, with Anton Brevde (IBX Inc.)


Today’s Pathfinder episode features Anton Brevde, Chief Investment Officer of IBX Inc. IBX is a holding company consisting of Axiom Space, Intuitive Machines, X-Energy, and Quantum Space.


What does a space station, a lunar lander, a nuclear reactor, and a fleet of cislunar space vehicles have in common? They’re all part of serial space entrepreneur Kam Ghaffarian’s holding company IBX.

IBX consists of:

  • Axiom Space, which provides private flights to the ISS and is also developing a commercial space station.
  • Intuitive Machines, which is developing autonomous lunar landing systems.
  • X-Energy, an engineering company working on nuclear reactors and fuel design.
  • Quantum Space, which provides payload transportation, critical data, and infrastructure services in geostationary orbit and cislunar space.

This week’s Pathfinder podcast features IBX’s Chief Investment Officer, Anton Brevde. Anton was previously a general partner at famed deep tech venture fund, Prime Movers Lab, where he led  space investments. 

Payload went under the hood to understand how the four companies relate to one another and discuss the current state of the space economy, particularly:

  • Anton’s role managing the business and capital needs of four highly complex businesses
  • Fundraising for space companies in today’s market environment
  • The role of government as a provider of non-dilutive funding
  • The most common do’s and don’ts for space founders
  • And much more…

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• Chapters • 

00:00 – Intro and Epsilon3 Ad

01:12 – Experience at Prime Movers Lab (PML)

06:47 – PML’s investment philosophy 

08:58 – New role at IBX

10:37 – Why the increased focus on the space industry?

12:36 – Responsibilities of a Chief Investment Officer

14:42 – Common thread between IBX companies

19:26 – What is X-Energy?

22:57 – What is Quantum Space

26:06 – Epsilon Ad break

26:36 – Categorizing the space industry for an investor

32:36 – The current state of the space economy

35:55 – Government intervention in space

41:05 – The role of government in funding needs

49:49 – New innovations in the industry to be excited about

51:56 – What do you look for in founders and what makes them successful?

56:41 – Common founder mistakes

01:03:05 – Where to find Anton’s blog