Escaping Gravity: Lori Garver on Leading the Commercial Space charge at NASA


Ryan sits down with Lori Garver, the former deputy administrator of NASA and author of the new book: “Escaping Gravity: My Quest to Transform NASA and Launch a New Space Age.”


Welcome to the fifth episode of Pathfinder, a weekly show where Payload managing editor and host Ryan Duffy sits down with the top shot-callers in space.

Per Escaping Gravity’s cover description, “from inside the space agency, Garver collaborated with key players such as Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and President Obama to usher in a more peaceful, inclusive and meaningful space age.” Lori led the NASA transition team for then-President-elect Barack Obama and would eventually go on to be the second-in-command at the US space agency. During her tenure, Lori was widely credited for ushering in a new era of competition in commercial space.

Now, Lori is a Senior Fellow at Harvard Kennedy School’s Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, an Executive in Residence at Bessemer Venture Partners, and a member of the Board of Directors for Hydrosat. Garver founded Earthrise Alliance, a philanthropic organization utilizing satellite data to address climate change, and cofounded the Brooke Owens Fellowship, an internship and mentorship program for collegiate women.

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0:00 – Show intro 

1:21 – Lori’s résumé

5:09 – Her view of American space exploration with “a very unique window on a very important time in our history” 

6:20 – Looking beyond space to how the nation grapples with complex threats,  COVID-19, and the military industrial complex 

8:44 – SpaceX and the first crewed launch, “it was a relief that it was happening” 

10:34 – Are we in a paradigm shift?  

11:55 – Pushback within NASA and walking the line…“it’s very hard to make meaningful change in government”

14:02 – Dealing with adversity within NASA and justifying the need for spaceflight programs 

18:17 – Former head of NASA proposing to transfer the commercial crew budget and move it to the rocket program, “embedded a conflict between the private sector…. And SLS & Orion” 

19:48 – NASA’s purposes include commercial space development

23:10 – What are cup boys?!

25:09 – Transferring from NASA to industry, aka the revolving door, is “a cycle that’s unhealthy for our nation’s space program” 

28:05 – What are Lori’s key performance indicators (KPIs)

33:20 – Lori on the difficulties of leaving NASA

37:04 – Unpacking “Political science can often be more complicated than rocket science”

41:30 – You don’t need a technical background to get into the space industry!

45:29 – Who are the space pirates and space elites now? 

49:04 – Convergence between space and tech industries, and how/whether the two are competing for talent

53:00 – Lori’s thoughts on diversifying the space industry and how thinking differently can drive positive change 

56:16 – Are we going to have an animal metric system for measuring asteroids?

59:05 – Lori’s experience training for space, singing John Denver to help her stay calm during the spinning chair

1:02:40– When will Lori go to space?