Futureforming the World, with Shahin Farshchi (Lux Capital)


This week’s Pathfinder features Shahin Farshchi, General Partner of Lux Capital, a leading venture capital firm known for investing in hard science and deep tech startups.


Every quarter, Lux Capital, a leading venture capital firm known for investing in hard science and deep tech startups, publishes their investor letter offering a unique opportunity to gain insight into the firm’s investment thesis and strategy. The firm has been an early supporter of the space industry with early bets in companies like Relativity Space, Epsilon3, Impulse Space, Astranis, Kymeta, Varda, Planet, and Hadrian.

This week’s Pathfinder features a deep dive on the firm’s latest Q3 letter with General Partner Shahin Farshchi. In addition to Shahin’s own background, the conversation covers:

  • Lux’s fundraise success having recently closed Lux 8, a $1.15B venture fund
  • The firm’s investment thesis emphasizing the importance of non-consensus hypotheses
  • Geopolitical shifts and how they’re impacting long-term investing
  • The role of media and the importance of informative and nuanced reporting

And much more…

Lux’s Q3 Investor Letter: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1s5xiwjG9psi6xRQPsAcI-I7-g6k5Pe–/view

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• Chapters •

00:00 – Guest Intro & SpiderOak Ad

01:18 – The Lux 8 fundraise

02:33 – Shahin’s background

06:38 – How was Lux started

10:10 – The firm’s structure

11:48 – A&D over the next decade

15:30 – Investment highlights

17:35 – Geopolitical shifts

19:57 – A look at American Dynamism

23:41 – Do you need to be a scientist to be a deep tech investor?

27:03 – A thesis-driven strategy

33:05 – Advice for emerging managers

39:11 – The role of media

42:33 – Starship launch predictions

43:17 – The second most valuable space company

• Show notes •

Lux’s website — https://www.luxcapital.com/

Lux’s socials — https://twitter.com/Lux_Capital

Shahin’s socials — https://twitter.com/Farshchi

Mo’s socials — https://twitter.com/itsmoislam

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