Into a Riot, with Will Coffield (Riot Ventures)


Our episode today features Will Coffield, cofounder and General Partner of Riot Ventures, an LA-based venture capital firm focused on the intersection of where software meets hardware.


Today’s Pathfinder episode features Will Coffield, cofounder and General Partner of Riot Ventures. Riot has a proclivity for investing in early-stage companies with transformative tech ideologies dedicated to revolutionizing traditional industries. Today’s conversation also features the space and space-adjacent companies that Riot has invested in including True Anomaly, Integrate, and Azimuth.

In addition to Riot’s origin story, Mo and Will discuss:

  • Mapping real customer demand
  • Liquidity within deep tech
  • Categorizing space investing
  • Dual-use technology…is it a cover for defense investing?

And much more…

This episode is brought to you by SpiderOak, a US-based software company that builds space cybersecurity products and solutions for civilian, military, and commercial space operations. Learn more at

• Chapters • 

00:00 – Intro & SpiderOak Ad

02:31 – Will’s background

13:20 – Riot’s investment strategy

17:06 – Seed investments

19:54 – Mapping real customer demand

22:07 – Liquidity in deep tech industries

25:52 – SpiderOak Ad

26:40 – How do you categorizing space investments?

34:21 – Is dual-use technology a cover up for defense investing?

38:09 – Integrate and Azimuth

42:58 – Crowding in the market

47:02 – Starship’s impact on the ecosystem

48:48 – Technologies Riot is excited about

49:54 – Outside of LA, where’s the biggest space ecosystem?