Lasers + Software with Aalyria’s Brian Barritt


Aalyria just emerged from stealth mode, announcing an acquisition of a trove of connectivity technology from Google. The search juggernaut’s parent company Alphabet has been developing high-altitude networking technology and apparently a space laser for years, if not decades. Aalyria is setting out to commercialize a lot of this technology, including much of the IP that ran in production with Alphabet’s high-flying Loon connectivity balloons.


The startup is promising the world, and then some, with two products to its name: Spacetime & Tightbeam. We bring Aalyria CTO Brian Barritt on the show this week to dig into the startup’s vision.


0:00 — Live intro
0:34 — Aalyria has just emerged from stealth
4:17 — Brian’s background
9:03 — Spacetime & Tightbeam
14:00 — Demoing the laser
18:41 — Air to ground, space to ground, ground to ground
20:15 — Acquiring Alphabet’s tech & going independent 
24:14 — Why now? 
30:31 — Potential deep space applications 
33:35 — What’s derisked? And what’s not?
38:40 — Commercial viability 
43:29 — End of show Qs … including the one we’ve all been dying to know Is Aalyria worried about aliens piggybacking off of its laser beams?