Space Policy Trends, with Jacqueline Feldscher (Payload)


Today’s Pathfinder episode featured Payload’s very own Managing Editor Jacqueline Feldscher! We chat her background, why she joined Payload, and space policy trends shaping the future of the industry.


What do a baseball enthusiast, a craft beer podcast host, and a space journalist have in common? A role at Payload! Today’s Pathfinder podcast features a very special guest: Payload’s very own Managing Editor, Jacqueline Feldscher. 

Fresh out of college, Jacqueline aspired to become a sports reporter, but D.C. soon drew her into the worlds of policy, national security, and, fortuitously for us, space. After stints at renowned media organizations such as Politico and Defense One, she felt the irresistible pull of the startup world. Answering that call, she took the leap and joined Payload as a Senior Reporter to only quickly be promoted to Managing Editor. 

A sneak peek… 

Jacqueline joins Mo today to discuss a variety of key policy trends that will shape the space industry over the next few years including: 

  • The Upcoming Presidential Election 
  • Space Debris Regulation
  • Commercial Spaceflight Regulations
  • The Artemis Accords
  • The Future of Space Command HQ 

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• Chapters • 

00:00 – Introduction 

00:34 – Who is Jacqueline and what do you do at Payload? 

02:20 – What drove your interest in journalism? 

03:38 – From sports to government & national security 

06:14 – Your background prior to Payload 

08:57 – Why go from established media to a fledgling startup? 

10:24 – Insight into your craft 

12:50 – Role of media in the space industry 

14:22 – What is Polaris? 

16:14 – Trends shaping space policy 

18:36 – Debris removal regulation roadblocks 

22:57 – Artemis Accords, more bark than bite? 

26:00 – What happens if SpaceX lands on Mars? 

28:15 – Commercial spaceflight moratorium 

31:48 – 2024 Presidential Elections 

37:08 – Do you think the battle for Huntsville is over? 

38:22 – Aliens?! 

39:27 – Investigative journalism in the industry 

41:20 – Challenges transitioning from a senior writer to an editor of a publication? 

43:14 – Favorite space topic to cover? 

44:23 – Views on the Kessler Syndrome 

45:35 – What do you enjoy most about Payload? 

46:24 – Who’s the bigger baby? 

46:56 – Jacqueline’s beer podcast 

48:34 – Advice for aspiring space journalists