The Road to Flight 2, with Dan Piemont (ABL Space)


This week’s Pathfinder podcast features Dan Piemont, the cofounder, President, and CFO of ABL Space, the LA-based launch startup. ABL’s launch model focuses on a containerized ground system which allows the company to launch from effectively any flat surface in the world. Mo and Dan chat about ABL’s maiden launch attempt, lessons learned, and the road to Flight 2.


ABL Space is heading back to the pad after a power failure prevented its maiden launch attempt from reaching orbit last January. The company, known for its innovative approach to ground infrastructure by containerizing its launch system, aims to launch its RS1 rocket by the year’s end.

This week’s Pathfinder podcast features Dan Piemont, the cofounder, President, and CFO of the LA-based launch startup. Mo and Dan delve into the lessons learned from the company’s initial launch attempt and the improvements made to the RS1 and GS0 ground system. In addition, they discuss:

  • How ABL differentiates itself in the market
  • Current supply/demand dynamics of launch
  • Rideshare packaging efficiency
  • Plans after Flight 2

And much more…

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• Chapters • 

00:00 – Intro & SpiderOak Ad

01:56 – Dan’s background

02:34 – History of ABL

05:05 – What differentiates ABL?

08:23 – Regulation surrounding mobile launch systems

10:08 – Flight 1, what happened?

13:56 – Key improvements on Flight 2

18:12 – Risks of diving into Block 2

20:53 – Plans after Flight 2

21:29 – Increasing launch cadence

24:52 – Traction between government and commercial customers

26:43 – Is heavier launch in ABL’s future?

28:20 – SpiderOak Ad

29:07 – Supply and demand dynamics

32:56 – Rideshare packaging efficiency

42:51 – Lack of high cadence in the industry

44:30 – What are investors currently looking for in the market?

48:12 – Creating momentum after Flight 1