Today’s Industry Trends, with Caleb Henry (Quilty Space)


Back in the Pathfinder hot seat is Caleb Henry, director of research at Quilty Space. Caleb and Mo discuss SpaceX’s dominance, remote sensing business models, capacity shortages across broadband operators and much more.


Back in the Pathfinder hot seat is Caleb Henry, Director of Research at Quilty Space. We were privileged to have Caleb join us over a year ago on one of the initial Pathfinder episodes, where he shed light on industry consolidation and the T-Mobile partnership with SpaceX. 

Today, he rejoins us to delve into a variety of pertinent topics, including: 

  • SpaceX vs everyone else
  • Remote sensing business models
  • LEO vs GEO broadband operators
  • Capacity shortages across operators
  • Effective telecom regulation 

And much more…

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• Chapters • 

00:00 – Intro & SpiderOak Ad 

01:56 – Caleb’s origin story 

04:00 – Transitioning from journalist to research writer 

10:08 – How does Quilty choose what to focus on 

13:44 – Is SpaceX a monopoly? 

18:24 – Supply/demand dynamics of launch 

20:39 – Market for small and medium lift launch vehicles 

24:42 – SpiderOak Ad break 

25:29 – The commercial remote sensing market 

30:53 – A commercial remote sensing market big enough for multibillion businesses? 

33:57 – Will Starlink make GEO operators obsolete? 

40:03 – A shortage of capacity? 

42:56 – Would you rather be a LEO or GEO operator? 

45:42 – Where should there should be more regulation? 

49:56 – What would you be doing if you weren’t in the space industry?