Quindar Wins $1.2M AFWERX Contract

Quindar, a startup building a software platform for satellite constellation mission analysis, testing, and operations, announced this morning that it has won a $1.2M Direct-to-Phase II contract from the US Air Force. 

Under the contract, granted through AFWERX, USAF’s innovation arm, Quindar will focus on automating constellation operations across multiple missions.

Quindar 101

The startup’s six technical cofounders hail from OneWeb, where they worked on building the tools to operate the constellation in orbit. The platform they’ve built with Quindar aims to abstract out the complexity of managing constellations, from designing orbits and testing satellites to downlinking and automating tasks.

The contract

This is the company’s first break into the Department of the Air Force, and begins its integrations with USAF operations. Quindar will leverage its mission management platform to meet USAF’s automation goals under the contract.

“We aim to seamlessly blend multiple US Air Force missions into a single operational interface through our Mission Management as a Service,” Quindar CEO Nate Hamet said in a statement.