SpaceX rules the ultimate roost in Q1

SpaceX launched 80% of all spacecraft in the first quarter of 2022 with 502 spacecraft deployed.

BryceTech has released its 2022 Q1 report examining rocket launches and satellite deployment.

Who’s leading the race?

  • SpaceX tops the charts with 11 rockets launched and 502 spacecraft deployed.
  • China takes silver this quarter, with eight launches and just 38 spacecraft deployed.
  • Although Roscosmos takes bronze for launches with four, Arianespace takes third for the number of spacecraft deployed with 34 over a single mission.

Upmass: The 502 spacecraft launched by SpaceX totaled 115,969kgs deployed into orbit. The rest of the world combined didn’t even manage to half that mass.

Commercial continues to climb

Of the 624 spacecraft launched in Q1 of 2022, 88% are owned and operated by commercial companies.

  • 550 commercial
  • 40 non-profit or academia
  • 22 government civil
  • 12 government military

This trend is a continuation of one identified by BryceTech in Q3 and Q4 of 2021. In those quarters, 82% and 78%, respectively, of all spacecraft launched are owned and operated by commercial companies.

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