Tomorrow.io Closes $87M Series E for Weather Satellites

Image: Tomorrow.io

Tomorrow.io, a weather intelligence and climate security platform, announced an $87M Series E funding round led by Activate Capital. The investment will be used to accelerate the deployment of its 20-bird constellation over the next 18-24 months. 

“We believe Tomorrow.io’s vertically integrated approach and satellite constellation will accelerate a paradigm shift in how millions around the globe use weather to adapt to the impacts of an evolving climate,” said Activate partner Jon Guerster. 

Other participating investors include RTX Ventures, Seraphim, Chemonics, SquarePeg Capital, Canaan, ClearVision, JetBlue Ventures, and Pitango Growth. 

Busy season: The Boston-based startup deployed its R2 precipitation tracking LEO satellite this week after hitching a ride on the SpaceX Transporter-8 train. Its R1 was launched in April. 

  • The two satellites are the first non-NASA precipitation radar birds.

R1 and R2 are designed to observe regional precipitation at a much higher frequency than legacy weather satellites. When the 20-bird constellation is complete, Tomorrow.io will be able to provide near real-time scans of Earth’s weather patterns. The company counts JetBlue, Fox Sports, the Air Force, Ford, and Uber among its customers.

50% chance of rain: The weather-intelligence company is also developing an AI platform, dubbed Gale, to build predictive weather forecasts leveraging its high-volume climate data.

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