True Anomaly Closes $100M Series B

Image: True Anomaly

True Anomaly has pulled in a $100M Series B to help it build and deploy its space tech and ensure national security extends into Earth’s orbit for the US and its allies.

Riot Ventures led the round, which also included participation from Eclipse, ACME Capital, Menlo Ventures, Narya, 645 Ventures,, Champion Hill Ventures, and FiveNine Ventures.

“Space is the newest and most vulnerable theater of contemporary global competition, but the US and its allies are ill-equipped for a conflict that begins in or extends into space,” said Even Rogers, True Anomaly CEO, in a release. “True Anomaly is solving this by building the technologies for a more secure, stable, sustainable, and transparent space environment.”

Preparing for the worst: True Anomaly emerged from stealth in April with a $30M funding round and a singular vision to ensure that the US and its assets are protected across the space domain. To do that, it’s building autonomous spacecraft and developing situational awareness software for DoD customers and allies.

The company has been growing quickly since its foundation in 2022. This year alone, True Anomaly doubled its headcount to 100+ people in the US and opened a 35,000 sq ft satellite manufacturing facility in Colorado.

Enter Jackal: The startup’s first spacecraft deployment will be Jackal, an autonomous vehicle capable of performing close approaches with other satellites in orbit—including, potentially, adversary assets—to perform detailed surveillance operations.

  • A NOAA remote sensing license gives Jackal permission to perform radar, infrared, and visible imaging.
  • The first deployments will also allow the platform to get its two training products for threat detection and analysis up and running.

The first two Jackals are slated for launch on SpaceX’s Transporter-10 mission, scheduled for no earlier than March 2024.

+ Looking for more? Tune in to Pathfinder #0047, where Rogers gets deep into True Anomaly’s approach to designing spacecraft and software for protecting the US and its allies in space.

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