AI Startup Synthetaic Closes $15M Series B

Image: Synthetaic

Synthetaic closed a $15M Series B round on Tuesday that will help bring its AI-driven image search tech to market. 

The round was co-led by Lupa Systems and TitletownTech. IBM Ventures and Booz Allen Hamilton also participated.

Synthetaic 101: The startup’s use of AI to quickly analyze huge numbers of images made headlines last year for nailing down the path of the Chinese spy balloon in just two minutes after sifting through 18T pixels of EO imagery, according to a press release.

“Over the past year, we’ve proven that when it comes to your data, if you can see it, RAIC can search it,” Corey Jaskolski, Synthetaic CEO and founder said in a statement. “The next chapter is about bringing that technology to market so that companies across all industries can find the seemingly impossible answers locked inside their visual datasets.”

AI in orbit: The use of AI in space is not a future thing to keep an eye on it. It’s already here and being used in the industry, according to Rich Cooper, VP of strategic comms at the Space Foundation.

“NASA and NOAA have decades of incredible data about the planet, let alone our solar system,” he told Payload. “As AI and other ML comes online, we have a baseline of info it can feed off of. It will be an extra set of eyes and ears that can be drawn upon to do effective modeling.” 

Payload also recently chatted with Planet’s head of product about how AI is impacting how it can process space data.  

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