SpaceX Deploys Direct-To-Cell Starlinks

There’s officially a new player in the direct-to-cell market. On Tuesday, SpaceX launched its first batch of Starlink satellites with the embedded capability to connect directly with phones on the ground. T-Mobile, the company’s partner in connectivity, is signed on to enable the service within the US as early as this year. Get connected: Direct-to-cell […]


Amazon Argues to Reduce LEO Regulations

Amazon is teaming up with a handful of leading think tanks to launch the Alliance for Satellite Broadband, a coalition aiming to broaden global satellite internet access. The group was just announced yesterday, but it already has its first task: pushing regulators to update decades-old limits on signal interference between different orbits.  EPFD 101: Equivalent […]


Aalyria Plans to Deploy Laser Terminals at Sea

Aalyria is building a mesh network of laser links to quickly transmit data across land, air, sea, and space. The sea-based piece of that plan is about to get a boost. Yesterday, the DC-based laser comms networking company announced that it signed an MoU with HICO Investment Group, which focuses investment in shipping and logistics […]


AST SpaceMobile Notches 5G Direct-to-Cell Success

Direct-to-cell technology has taken another step forward. AST SpaceMobile ($ASTS) announced yesterday that it successfully demonstrated 5G connectivity with an unmodified smartphone from space for the first time. Call incoming Direct-to-cell capabilities have gained traction in recent years, with several companies—including ASTS, Lynk Global, and SpaceX—working on incorporating the technology into their constellations. The technology […]


Astranis’ Arcturus Satellite Malfunctions

Astranis’ first satellite, Arcturus, has run into a snag in its mission to provide internet connectivity over Alaska from GEO.  An anomaly with the solar array drive assembly, which is meant to keep the solar arrays pointed toward the sun, has left the craft unable to keep its payload fully charged. Despite the power problems, […]


OneWeb and Hughes Partner on In-Flight Connectivity

OneWeb is looking to cement its place in the IFC (in-flight connectivity) market through a new distribution partnership with Hughes that will add LEO broadband connectivity to its in-flight WiFi offerings. The partnership: Under the agreement, Hughes, which already offers IFC services to airlines, will utilize OneWeb’s constellation to offer LEO-specific connectivity. Airlines will be […]


Astranis Notches MicroGEO Success

Astranis, an SF-based GEO broadband startup, has successfully deployed its first satellite in orbit to begin providing capacity over Alaska. “Our MicroGEO satellites will help get millions of people connected to the internet through our commercial customers, and importantly they are a new tool in the toolbox for the U.S. Department of Defense as it […]