ispace US Unveils New Denver HQ

ispace US unveiled a new headquarters on Thursday that will serve as the homebase for its mission to establish long-term lunar infrastructure and the birthplace of the company’s newest lander. The lunar tech company, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Japanese entity of the same name, has ambitious goals to land craft on the Moon consistently […]


South Africa Partners with China on Lunar Base

China and South Africa have agreed to partner on space initiatives for the first time. During a meeting of BRICS nation leaders—a group consisting of Brazil, India, China, and South Africa—Chinese President Xi Jinping signed two agreements with South Africa to collaborate on space-related projects.  According to Chinese state media agency Xinhua News, one of […]


NASA Tracks for 2024 Artemis II Launch

Artemis II crew, meet Orion. NASA is gearing up for the second installment of its campaign to get humans back to the Moon. On Artemis II, four astronauts will ride the Orion capsule around the Moon to test its systems and pave the way for a landing on the next trip. Yesterday, that crew—made up […]


Israeli Startup WeSpace Technologies Plans a Lunar Hopper

Israeli startup WeSpace Technologies is angling to provide Israel’s official contribution to the Artemis program with its lunar hopper.  The company plans to launch its first craft in less than three years to begin providing “flying services on the Moon,” CEO Yifat Feffer told Payload. Lunar hopping WeSpace’s offering to the growing lunar economy is […]


ispace HAKUTO-R Lander Likely Hard-Lands on the Moon

The Moon will have to wait a little longer for its first non-governmental visitor. ispace’s attempt to soft-land the first commercially-funded spacecraft on the lunar surface most likely ended in failure yesterday. After a five-month journey that sent the HAKUTO-R lander on a swooping, gravity-assisted trajectory around the Moon, the Japanese company revealed that it […]


NASA Selects Artemis II Crew

Humanity has picked its team for the first step in its grand return to the Moon. Yesterday, NASA revealed the crew of four that will circle the moon on the 10-day Artemis II mission. Without further ado…Here’s the lineup: Now that they’ve received their assignments, the astronauts have time to consider what the mission means. […]


Firefly Wins NASA CLPS Contract for the Dark Side of the Moon

Blue Ghost #2 is a go.  Firefly has clinched a deal to travel to the dark side of the Moon in 2026. Yesterday, NASA  awarded the Cedar Park, TX-based launcher a $112M contract to deliver several lunar payloads using the Blue Ghost spacecraft. The details: NASA awarded the contract through its Commercial Lunar Payload Services […]


ESA Proposes Creating Lunar Time Zone

What time is it on the Moon? The answer, it turns out, is a little complicated. As several countries across the globe collectively spanning just about every time zone prepare for the impending cislunar economy and get ready to send humans to the lunar surface, it may be time to put some standard processes—like an […]


Intuitive Machines Stock Skyrockets, Tripling Three Days after Going Public

On Thursday, shares of newly public Intuitive Machines ($LUNR) closed at $44.77 a pop, up a staggering 251% on the day. The company’s stock has tripled in three days of trading. Trading of the lunar exploration company’s stock was briefly halted midday as volatility triggered the NASDAQ circuit breaker. The surge comes just three days after […]


SPAC Shareholders Set to Vote on Intuitive Machines Merger

On Wednesday morning, shareholders are set to vote on Intuitive Machines’s reverse merger with Inflection Point Acquisition Corp ($IPAX), a Nasdaq-listed SPAC. If investors vote to approve the de-SPAC, the combined entity will be listed under the new ticker symbol $LUNR.  SPAC facts, at a glance Intuitive Machines, headquartered in Houston, announced its intentions to […]


Seraphim Releases 2023 Space Ecosystem Map

Seraphim, a leading space VC, has published its 2023 market map, detailing the state of innovation in the in-space economy with an eye on the year ahead. “As the in-space economy takes off, major players in the industry are positioning themselves to capture a slice of the burgeoning market,” Seraphim VP Maureen Laverty said in […]