Astra Announces Q4 and FY2022 Losses

Astra reported significant financial setbacks in FY22, but brought in $9.4M in revenue. The launch company’s engine sales drove income as Rocket 4 nears launch test readiness.  

Astra’s Q4, by the numbers:

  • Revenue of $0.0M
  • GAAP net loss of $44.3M
  • Cash of $102.8M

Times of trouble: It’s been a tough year for Astra. Last week, the company outlined a plan to prevent Nasdaq from delisting its stock as the April 4 deadline nears and the price is still well below $1. If successful, this will buy Astra until Oct. 1 to raise its stock price. In November, Astra laid off 16 percent of its workforce to increase runway and decrease spending. 

Engine orders: Astra delivered its third engine program in 2022, which brought in $3.5M in contract value. The launch company also announced 278 engine orders through March 30, bringing in around $77M in contract value. 

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