The $1.8T Space Economy

The space economy could grow to $1.8T by 2035, according to a report released today by the World Economic Forum in partnership with McKinsey & Company.


Exclusive: Talde Private Equity Leaps Into Space With AVS Investment

A small engineering firm from the Basque region of Spain nabbed an investment from Talde as it quietly lays the groundwork for a global space business empire. Added Value Solutions (AVS) develops complex equipment for industries such as fusion, particle accelerators, and space. On the heels of a significant investment in the firm, CEO Miguel […]


Seattle, Denver, Austin Vie to be “Silicon Valley of Space”

Nearly 20 regional space companies gathered at Blue Origin’s headquarters in Kent, WA, on Wednesday for the Washington State Space Summit.   Against the backdrop of the state’s booming space economy, which has more than doubled since 2018, NASA chief Bill Nelson flew in to share the stage with Sen. Maria Cantwell (D-WA), Blue Origin CEO […]


World’s First Constellation for Wildfire Monitoring

Canada is experiencing its most severe wildfire season on record, with emissions from the fires at their highest levels since satellite monitoring began in 2003. In a bid to help responders better control the spread of wildfires in the future, OroraTech, a startup founded in 2018 as a Technical University of Munich spin-off, aims to […]


Euroconsult’s new space investment tracker

Euroconsult, a strategy and market intelligence firm specializing in the space sector, has launched a new space investment tracker tool: its Financing & Transactions Database. The subscription-based platform offers a detailed monthly dashboard, providing up-to-date financial insights on private space investment activities. These include publicly disclosed funding operations like equity investments, debt operations, IPOs, SPAC […]

Deep Space

The Emirates Mission to the Asteroid Belt

The UAE unveiled plans on Sunday to send a spacecraft to explore the asteroid belt by 2028, a follow-on to the emerging space nation’s ambitious Mars mission currently orbiting the Red Planet.  The Emirates Mission to the Asteroid Belt, or EMA, will study six asteroids before reaching its final destination: a mysterious red asteroid that […]


South Korea’s Nuri Rocket Lifts Off with Commercial Payload

South Korea’s Nuri rocket, also called KSLV-II, successfully completed its third launch today, marking the first time a Korean launch vehicle carried commercial payloads to space.  Three’s company: Lifting off from Korea’s Naro Space Center, the Nuri launcher deployed eight satellites into orbit, including three from domestic companies: Lumir, Justek, and Kairo Space. Those satellites […]


Saudi Arabia Will Make History With Ax-2 Mission

Two Saudi Arabian astronauts are expected to launch to the ISS this Sunday, marking a historic first for the Kingdom and highlighting its aspirations to become a global space power.  Ali AlQarni, a pilot, and Rayyanah Barnawi, a biomedical researcher, will make up half of the four-member crew on Axiom Space’s Ax-2 mission. They will […]


Vast Aims to Launch World’s First Commercial Space Station by 2025

Vast, a space habitation technology company, is planning to launch the world’s first commercial space station, Haven-1, into LEO by August 2025, the company announced Wednesday. Haven-1 will initially function as an independent crewed space station before connecting with a larger Vast space station currently in development. The station, which can accommodate up to four […]