Euroconsult’s new space investment tracker

Image: Euroconsult

Euroconsult, a strategy and market intelligence firm specializing in the space sector, has launched a new space investment tracker tool: its Financing & Transactions Database.

The subscription-based platform offers a detailed monthly dashboard, providing up-to-date financial insights on private space investment activities. These include publicly disclosed funding operations like equity investments, debt operations, IPOs, SPAC mergers, common stock sales, and government grants.

All in one place: The platform will be integrated into the firm’s existing Space Market Monitoring dashboard, which tracks data on the space industry, including satellite manufacturing, launch services, satellite communications, EO—and now investment activity. 

Gabriel Deville, a space industry consultant at Euroconsult, told Payload that the product is unique. Unlike other tools, it displays “every single line with every single operation, such as the recipient, amount, and specific investors,” he said. “You’re not limited to consolidated results. You can actually get your hands into the data.”

The database currently covers over 2,000 financing operations and 120 transactions that Euroconsult has tracked since 2020. With advanced filtering capabilities, users can identify high-potential space start-ups, track competitor activity, define financial strategies, analyze technological segments and regions, and access detailed market intelligence on mergers and acquisitions, according to the company. 

Signs of recovery: After a brief descent from the astronomical heights of 2021, investment into space technology and services may be on the rise again with financiers expressing optimism for a rebound in 2023. Deville said he anticipates, “a progressive recovery [in 2023], but likely not reaching the record levels of 2021.” He said his firm has already seen investment up about 30% in the first quarter compared to last year.

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