Combating Illegal Fishing with Space-Based Edge Computing

Satellite data can do many things for governments. One under-discussed use case is giving them a leg up against illegal fishing.  A team of startups aims to use space-based edge computing to get fishing insights in near real-time. Edge computing = localized computing, in this case on a satellite. Los Angeles-HQ’d Exo-Space will provide their […]


Arizona Researchers Design Sailplane for Mars

Paired with a NASA scientist, a team of researchers from Arizona believes the future of Martian exploration lies in a motorless plane designed to fly like a large seabird. Robots rule the roost on Mars. Rovers study the planet’s surface while orbiters scout from far above. These “sailplanes” would target the in-between region. “This is […]


Geek Out: Martian Clouds

If you’ve ever dreamed of being a Mars researcher, now’s your chance. NASA is looking for citizen scientists to help identify Martian clouds and aid the agency’s understanding of the Red Planet’s atmosphere.Context: Mars’s atmosphere is ~100X times thinner than Earth’s. In that frigid environment, clouds aren’t made of liquid water, like ours. They’re ice, made […]


How AstroAccess Plans to Extend Accessibility in Space

AstroAccess, a nonprofit that promotes disability inclusion in space, partnered with the Aurelia Institute to advance astronaut diversity by doing research on zero-gravity missions. “In one sense, space is the ultimate equalizer: everyone who leaves Earth is subject to the radical experience of leaving gravity behind,” the Aurelia Institute said in a blog post. But […]