Firefly Aerospace Tapped to Compete for US Spy Sat Launches

Small launcher Firefly joined a small club on Thursday, when the NRO approved the startup’s Alpha rocket to compete for launch spy satellites under the ten-year, $700M Streamlined Launch Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity Contract (SLIC).


Three Satellites Failed to Deploy from Transporter-9

It turns out Transporter-9 deployment didn’t go as smoothly as planned for some passengers. Momentus ($MNTS) announced last week that three of the five satellites it had carried failed to deploy from the third-party deployer it used for the mission, and are now presumed lost.


Ariane 6 Conducts Hot Fire Test

While many of us west of the Atlantic were occupied by copious amounts of turkey and mashed potatoes, our friends across the pond were focused on the arguably more exciting task of firing new rocket engines.