Everywhere Adds Integrations for Emergency Communications Platform

Everywhere Communications, a seven-year-old company providing satellite-enabled emergency comms for teams operating in extreme environments, has announced new integrations in its emergency notification and messaging platform.

Everywhere, all at once: The Annapolis, MD-based software company aims to provide a “single pane of glass” for companies to communicate with teams operating out in the field, wherever that may be, Patrick Shay, Everywhere CEO and founder, told Payload. That means that rather than having to coordinate several forms of communication or liaise between people in need and emergency services, Everywhere puts all those capabilities on a single platform.

Everywhere is “a platform company, so we support multiple networks and multiple devices—really the best tools for the job,” Shay said. Central to those tools are:

  • Iridium’s satellite network for global comms coverage
  • Garmin’s satellite-enabled inReach devices to enable GPS and messaging between colleagues and emergency services

The company serves 300 customers in 150 countries, and its platform has been used in more than 10,000 SOS events to date.

Keeping connected: With the updated platform, customers are able to use WhatsApp on their phones to monitor and respond to emergency notifications. Everywhere also integrated Esri, an advanced mapping service used widely by Everywhere’s government and enterprise customers, to increase the accuracy of its situational awareness.

What’s next? Right now, Everywhere employs a team of ~35 and is hoping to grow that number by ~30-40% over the next year and a half.

Everywhere has been doubling its customer base and revenue each year, and Shay said he expects that trend to continue as it adds new verticals and geographic regions to its customer base.

Note: This article previously stated that Everywhere recently emerged from stealth. The company clarified that it has only been keeping the newly developed platform off the radar, and that the company itself emerged from stealth a few years ago.

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