Palantir and Voyager Partner on AI for Starlab

Image: Voyager Space

Palantir, the AI data and analytics unicorn, is getting more deeply involved in the space domain. The company announced yesterday that it had entered a strategic collaboration with Voyager Space to explore potential AI and ML demos in space, with an eye on Starlab development.

“This alliance represents a shared commitment to advancing the frontiers of global commerce, civil, and national security capabilities, reaffirming the critical role industry has to bring leading-edge technology to the evolving landscape of space exploration and security,” Shyam Sankar, Palantir CTO, said in a release.

AI in space: Under the newly signed MoU, Voyager and Palantir will look for ways to incorporate advanced edge computing capabilities and AI/ML tech into Starlab in its nascent stages. That could include expanding space domain awareness and enabling allied nations doing business aboard the station to process and distribute data securely.

  • That bodes well for Voyager’s vision for Starlab, which would involve the US and other commercial and government partners sharing the orbital outpost.

This partnership is far from Palantir’s first foray into space technology. The company has several partnerships with USSF and the Air Force to provide data-as-a-service to improve national security capabilities.

+ Market check: Palantir is having a good week. $PLTR shot up 50% after revealing its Q4 2024 financial results earlier this week, and was trading at $24.51 as of EOD yesterday, up ~4% on the day.

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