Payload Pioneers 2023: Sahith Reddy Madara

Sahith Reddy Madara can spot what technology will succeed in the commercial market from a mile away.

“Sahith specializes in supporting early stage deep technology founders grow and scale their ventures,” Fergus Klein, a colleague of Madara at Creative Destruction Lab, wrote in his nomination. “He is particularly talented at identifying research which has strong commercialization potential and has supported countless companies in their founder journey.”

Looking back: Madara, 27, is now a venture manager for the space stream at Creative Destruction Lab, but his introduction to the space industry was anything but straightforward. Born in India and raised in Dubai, he worked hard to study, finance, and secure jobs in aerospace, proving his mettle along the way. 

He worked as a research engineer for the UAE Space Agency project, eventually earning the distinction of being the first UAE national point of contact for the Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC). 

He later joined Euroconsult, participating in space strategy consulting projects across the Middle East, Europe, and the US. His passion for deep tech entrepreneurship led him to the Creative Destruction Lab.

A helping hand: In his quest to bolster the space community, Sahith focuses on mentorship and diversity. Through his involvement with the SGAC UAE, he introduces local students to the industry, helping expand professional networks. His commitment to diversity extends to his role as Space Education-Goodwill Ambassador for NEST in India, where he seeks to support and elevate local young talents in the Indian space industry.

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