Payload Pioneers 2023: Sergio Gallucci

In 2017, a satellite Sergio Gallucci had worked on failed in orbit. Without real-time tracking and assessment tools, he never understood what went wrong.

To ensure others don’t face the same fate, the 28-year-old cofounded and is CTO of SCOUT Space, a tech solutions company to enable mission risk reduction. 

“I thrive in an environment of uncertainty, and always work to quantify our limits,” Gallucci said. “My team is guided toward solutions by critical paths which are defined by a solid technical core, cast out across a number of disciplines, and a philosophy of pragmatism.”

90 miles: One of Galluci’s priorities is making sure space is developed sustainably, noting that a mess in space could quickly affect Earth despite seeming far away.

“I make a habit of connecting the growth in space activities to growth in traffic on Earth, with the potential ramifications of mismanaging them. Space is only 90 miles away, which is close enough to affect us fundamentally if it is not overseen effectively,” he said.

Gallucci’s commitment to the space community shines brightest in his advocacy for diversity and unique insights. He brings a fresh perspective to his teams and seeks different insight from others. He advocates for programs like the Zed Factor Fellowship, bringing on interns from diverse backgrounds. Gallucci also dedicates time to mentoring, from students to seasoned professionals, ensuring a dynamic and inclusive future for the space domain.

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