Isotropic Systems Gets a Fresh Coat of Paint, Rebrands to All.Space

UK-based Isotropic Systems has been rebranded to All.Space.

Reading-based Isotropic Systems has gotten a rebrand. The UK antenna manufacturer, now known as All.Space, also has new product details to share. 

All.Space has unveiled its 5th-gen “smart terminal,” which is moving into initial production and slated for release before the year is out. Once it does, capacity will be booked out for at least nine months, thanks to a sizable order backlog.

Refresher: All.Space has developed—and successfully field-tested—a multi-beam, multi-link, and all-orbit satellite terminal. It’s capable of connecting to multiple constellations, with 3G–5G “plug-and-play” options.

“It is the Swiss army knife of service enablement because it allows service providers or end users or operators to tell their own story, to define their own space,” All.Space CEO John Finney told Payload. “We just give them the optionality and flexibility to do that.”

Head here for our deeper dive into the underlying technology.  

Recently, All.Space concluded a series of live field tests with several satellite operators in addition to US and UK governmental customers. The terminal demonstrated multiple, simultaneous connections across LEO, MEO, and GEO orbits.

Why rebrand? “Isotropic is a scientific term. It was meant to describe a particular feature of our optics,” said Finney.

“As we’ve evolved with the ability to connect all cellular and all satellite across all orbits at once, the company deserves a name that represents the global applicability of our technology.”

What’s next? All.Space is continuing to scale headcount. In order to meet demand for its product, the startup is also scouting out a location for its second factory. Beyond the extra production capacity, the new factory will enable All.Space to expand its customer base from defense all the way down to rail and coach.

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